Europe at the big game

Stand: 03.02.2016

Everybody wonders about what is going on in Europe and especially Germany at the moment. This article will show that Muslims, Jews and Christians are deliberately played off against each other by international politics and deceived about the real goals of the nations.

In an earlier article we already asked about the possibility if German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama could be best friends instead of the enemies they are shown to the public. Indeed, there were some really surprising details and now we are coming to an awareness which leads us to a sure “yes” in answering the above question.

Propaganda is everything

Mr Putin is being adored by German Nazis as the protector against Islam and Muslim immigration. His quotations following the slogan “you have to integrate into our culture or to leave our country” are repeated like bible verses. At the same time Ken Jebsen, the powerful Putin-propagandist, incites Muslims against Western people suggesting they were persecuted by Western media.

If you have a look at the media you will find it is really true. The natural consequence is that proud Muslims say: “Be careful. We will know to defend ourselves.” And they will do everything to show their fighting ability. Now Western people for their part will approve Putin´s and Nazis´ suggestions that Muslims are not only annoying but dangerous and must be destroyed. Surprisingly many false news -wherever they come from- are spread by the net. Both sides are getting more and more furious.
Then the best thing: TV pictures of running, rushing, crying, fighting reckless refugees, mostly young strong men, attacking the borders of good old civilized Europe. Everybody, I say everybody, is grasped by panic. Those terrible guys must be dangerous more than beasts. At the same time IS is attacking and threatening our cities.

The planning is great, genial. But: is it really a plan made by Muslims?

The suspicions grow with the so-called rapes of Cologne. Rational, serious people want to see the proofs. What has really happened there? Even Muslims are shocked, unable to explain. In the important talk of Maybritt Illner at ZDF they show printed quotations of women and girls telling details of the “rapes”. These details are so illogical, especially considering the normal winter clothing, that I decided to ask at ZDF because I wanted to know the truth. They showed me an interview with a young girl and some video-cuts of the alleged happenings. I looked at them, again and again. The girl´s report doesn´t say anything about a rape. In the video you can just see some young men standing on the place, drunken, setting off fireworks, okay. But no indications of “thousands of men” – as it was reported – or a single rape at all. There was just nothing!

I reported my doubts on ZDF´s page – and was furiously attacked. My suggestion to examine the happenings seriously considering the political impact of such pretensions was not welcomed. Instead there are news about new rapes everyday. The procedure is mostly the same: women and girls pretend, it is spread on the net, then they admit their lies. Till then, the Nazi fighters have already done their work. The rabies is exploding. Muslims for their part feel proved: Western media are agitating against them.

German politicians have just decided to prevent refugees from taking their families to Germany for some years. At first, people applauded. Afraid of a foreign culture they were relieved. But in this decision there is a trap: the fact that healthy men are not allowed to live their marriage for years will provoke the normal natural problems. They will be forced to contact German women. And Nazis will be right again.

Putin, the Muslim-killer, is right – and his demagogue, Ken Jebsen, the Muslim-defender, is also right. Russia, the old Soviet Union, is right in any case. Disinformation – the big business of Secret Services!

The background

The Nazi party AfD (Alternative for Germany) is experiencing a big success. Angela Merkel, the old SED agitator (GDR dictatory party) is doing her best job ever. What is she doing? Simply nothing. The government had been warned by experts months ago. They could have organized everything for the refugees. But they did not. So the big chaos, the human catastrophe could expand, the panic could grow. Why? Were they too stupid? No. They just had the order. Angela Merkel and AfD work together. They are one!

As I said, Merkel was an agitator of SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, Socialist Unity Party of Germany). AfD´s main supporters are located in East Germany, which is the homeland of AfD leader Frauke Petry. The party itself has a special background link with Russia. They already underlined their willingness to respect Russia‘s  „sensibilities“ and territorial preferences.

The unification of West and East Germany is officially presented as the annexation of the East by the West -in fact it is the opposite. Everything in the West, the culture, the religion, the mentality, the hostility against the intellectual elite was adapted to the old Soviet-like GDR. Even old members of the secret state police, the Stasi, could continue an untroubled career. Just in the very beginnings some single cases were judged to make a better impression on the people. So Stasi members could also go on doing their destructive work now in the west. They are still active, maybe more than before.

A never-ending war: The strange situation in Syria

Syrians coming to Germany I could speak to report that the allied forces prevent the country from finishing the war because they take advantage out of the destruction of the nation and its people. They witness the following interesting details:
– Putin does not attack the IS but the moderate revolutionaries (in a polite way, so-to-speak, also the IS to soothe the international public)
– The allied forces prolong the war deliberately by balancing temporary wins and losses on all sides to circumvent a decision.
– They feel themselves as victims in a big international game played by politicians who are not enemies but friends or at least partner in a vicious agreement.

The war in Syria was necessary to create a refugee crisis. Combined with the IS terror there was the right mix of narrowness and anxiety resulting in panic. An experiment is well known in behavioural psychology: if you close a big number of rats into a narrow place they will kill each other. Exactly the same is happening in Germany at the moment. It is because of its history that Germany has a special disposition for the successful installation of such a procedure: always ashamed by the Holocaust and at the same time humiliated by the constant memory of its national blame it would take a long time until a majority of the people would refuse the “welcome culture“. By then it would be much too late. The national inferiority complex mixed up with this very German existential fear (called the “German angst”) and the thirst for revenge dating back to the capitulation of the Third Reich would result in an explosion.
Revenge, at lowest risk, is best to be taken at weak subjects, like refugees.
To achieve this situation it was necessary that almost the complete amount of refugees would flood Germany, with some impact in other European countries leading Germany to revolution by exemplary actions closing their borders. Germany has a very important strategic importance by its position in the middle of Europe and it is the country with the “best” Nazi disposition. So it would fulfil its task with eagerness.
Also the surroundings are brilliant for such a manoeuvre.

The European Union as a whole is facing a deep crisis, the Euro as the common currency was never really accepted by the people. Political ideals of democracy and humanity are doubted, the churches and Christianity as moral institutions are vanishing. Old and well renowned German companies like Volkswagen (VW) and Deutsche Bank are accused of fraud. People have lost their confidence in government and media. The army, symbol of a nation´s sovereignty, is almost completely ruined. Fed up with the female government, the citizens desire a male leader which is indeed the “Führer”. Accidentally or not, Adolf Hitler´s “Mein Kampf”(My Struggle) has been re-published just right now, with scientific explanations, to limit the national shame, but nevertheless. And it finds an enormous demand. This desire for the Big Leader is the reason for the adoration of Vladimir Putin going so far to deliver Germany and whole Europe to this KGB officer and representative of ancient Soviet Union. GDR is pulling down the Federal Republic of Germany to the abyss of tyranny always fought back by the latter during the Cold War.

Without this crisis, AfD would have never achieved the success they are experiencing now. Also the media adapt quite fast. The street movement “Pegida” misuses the Christian cross although most of them are hostile to Church and Christianity. Christians distancing from them in the media are cancelled. Same happens to writers against AfD. They are insulted and threatened by aggressive fans.

Similar phenomena of decay can be seen worldwide. This takes us to suspect a worldwide re-organisation between mighty parties according limited influence areas to each other nevertheless integrated into a big alliance with fastened connections instead of the old partition into blocks and nations.