The need of rediscovering CHASTITY

What happens if you drive your car into mud? It will infiltrate the complete system, all parts will be glued and corroded. Same happens to your soul. And an ill soul will impact the health of your mind and body. Everything is a great coherence.

The plague of our time is sexualisation, its ideology sexualism, especially in the west. In many regions we are facing rapes and sexually motivated violence against women and children. Although Muslim countries try to distance themselves from so-called decadent western countries they are implementing the same fatal mentality. Fatal not only for the victims but particularly for whole nations.
Why? Sexuality was given to the creatures as a positive instrument for the sake of reproduction, renewal and development by recombining genes. Every being is an individual, even “identical” twins are never really identical. Males and females are supposed to behave respectfully and loving to each other what we can even see at many animals like albatross and some dogs. It is a gift which came to creatures as a way of showing deepest love and affection resulting in the desire to be One like the Egg of ancient Greek mythology. Some of you will remember that this One was cut in two halves by the gods to destroy their power based on Love as the world changing thing. This kind of sexuality is chaste and pure, even holy as enclosed in the marriage as the sacred relation of a man and a woman.

But the human being broke the rules by free choice and willing decision.

Sexualisation is exactly the opposite. In Western Countries we always noticed it at times of crisis and revolution, in societies to be defined as “de-cadent”, which is Latin for “falling down”. We see it on the eve of the French Revolution, World War I and II. In the shape of a real program it was realized by the revolutionaries of 1968 in the Western countries. Absolute sexual promiscuity has become a normal thing and everybody not practising it is suspect. Like handling a drug the desire has become always worse and the development has led into an abyss of child abuse and even cannibalism. Love and respect have been made redundant. Everybody has got brutally available to everybody. The media, the net, literature and arts are only obedient to one request: firing sexual lust. And finally, the blood of thirst has come into power. As Sigmund Freud defined there is a tight link between sexuality and aggression. We find it in the combination of sexually intended murders, but also in the shape of revolution and wars. Losing control over sexuality is only the forerunner of losing it over an empire. Just have a look at tumbling European Union and you will understand what I mean.

You think, well, it may not be fine, but it doesn´t have to do anything with the development of our societies as a whole? Yes, be sure, it does. Imagine a society of citizens always drunken with alcohol or drugs and only pursuing one goal: the next and higher “shot”. They will certainly get raw and reckless. Arts and sciences will lose their importance if they are not able to prove their usability in terms of sex. Religion? If it teaches discipline and respect for the next forget it: too boring. It will be sexually useless. They will create new religions preaching libertinism and fun. And the annihilation of everything and everybody able to disturb this “perfect society”.
So all parts of intellectual progress will fall apart, humans will fall under the animals. They will love mudder, dirt and vermin – even to eat. Do not compare them to pigs: you could offend the latter.

Our western society is experiencing all that. We are abolishing philosophy and true humanism from the universities but we are installing “sexology”. Scientists are hated if they do not provide the society with money and the necessary tools to make life more comfortable.

We used to have a slogan installed over the doors of theatres and academies: “Dedicated to the true, fine and noble.” Today they would laugh about it. The true, fine and noble has vanished, and nobody misses it apart from some maniacs.

Sexualism separated man and woman, destroyed the families, disgraced the human personality. Many people think it only shames women. The truth is: it does the same to men. It disgraces complete nations. Under the dictatorship of sexualism it is not the human being, nor the soul or spirit, nor the head or heart which is in the centre of life – but the lowest part of the body, in the area of the intestines where faeces and debris of the body are discharged. Being a drug in its beginnings, sex is now the idol of a decaying society replacing God. Sexualism is the religion of the Anti-God. It is not creative but destroying the creation. It is not progress but regress.

At Western societies it is already visible what results of such a development. Idols are always annihilated – together with their followers. Christian societies are experiencing this decay now because they betrayed their God and their heritage. Muslim societies are on the same way. They are losing their honourable past. Everybody knows the great Muslim scientists and artists during the centuries. Same for the Indian society. But what was left of all that brilliance?

That is why we need to return to the noblesse of our true being. Like two triangles are our bodies: the upper, above our heads points to the limitless sky, the boundless spirit and soul, to Life and God (however you might call him). The underpart to the ground, the grave and death -the anti-god. No wonder Satanic sects practise libertinism to turn the world into a chaos by negative energies. Involved in the sacred order both are controlled serving the great order. This stability has to be regained again. If it is lost everything will tumble included the structure of the spheres. Therefore we must banish everything inclined to incite the sexual libido. The human being must learn to regain respect for him- and herself. We need to change our orientation:

So let us return to mental control, let us install again the reign of the heart and soul. Let us get back the chastity of our hearts. And everything will be pure again.